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Cloud Readiness

Fast-lane to the cloud


Agility doesn’t seem to come cheap or easy.  Demands on the mission are only becoming more fierce. To get ahead, you need flexibility when you decide to move to the cloud. The good news is if you invest in webMethods integrations and you want to limit changes to existing projects, you can Lift & Shift. Lift & Shift is a migration strategy that allows you to package up existing integrations using containers and re-deploy them to speed up your cloud adoption.

What can cloud readiness deliver for you?

  • Get to a cloud model—faster
  • Scale in the cloud to meet business requirements
  • Eliminate the need to recreate existing business logic and services
  • Enhance flexibility and allow people to work from anywhere
  • Faster time-to-value with no additional hardware costs or installations
  • Scale at the server level or at the service level
  • Rapid deployment of new webMethods projects directly in the cloud
  • Do cloud your way—eliminate the need for third-party provided cloud services


  1. Support for Docker Containers
    Package your webMethods integration services and deploy them as independently running Docker containers within Software AG’s Integration Cloud environment. Manage your containers directly from the browser-based user interface using. Log into to start, stop, monitor and manage your containers directly from any web browser.
  2. Use Microservices Architectures
    Use microservices architectures to eliminate the need to run full implementations of the Integration Server. Scale your integrations up to full Integration Server instances and down to individual packages and services to scale at the service level vs. the server level.
  3. Cloud Infrastructure
    Eliminate the need to procure your own cloud infrastructure. Container Edition provides the cloud infrastructure for running your integrations as containers within the Integration Cloud environment.
  4. Countless connectors
    Use dozens of pre-built connectors and support for all available operations provided by the application vendor. Connectors include market-leading cloud-based applications such as: Marketo®, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP® SuccessFactors, SAP® Hybris® Cloud for Customer (C4C), Google Apps™ service, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Dynamics™ CRM, NetSuite®, Zuora® and more. Integration Cloud also offers connectors for protocols including FTP/SFTP, SOAP, OData and more.
  5. Service orchestration
    Create sophisticated integrations with a clean, simple design interface. Its drag-and-drop pallet lets you quickly create multi-step orchestration flows without coding and nest integrations to produce a building block approach to integration development.
  6. Make it easy for citizen developers
    Our responsive, mobile-ready, browser-based user interface was deliberately designed for citizen developers. Accessed using any browser, it offers guided development using wizards and predefined templates, called Recipes, to help get your integrations up and running quickly.
  7. Mapping, transformation and enrichment
    Drag-and-drop transformation and mapping so traditional and citizen developers can call operations that provide transformation and enrichment within your integrations.

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