How can the Internet of Things Integration Benefit Government?

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, but how can we use this connectivity to create positive change? This is a question that government bodies around the world are trying to answer and at the heart of the solution is the internet of things (IoT)

So, what are the benefits of IoT in government and how can it be successfully implemented to facilitate change?

Spot Emerging Threats

From natural disasters to street crime, the internet of things can help government agencies spot emerging threats. A key element of government is keeping its citizens safe, but in terms of manpower, they have extremely limited resources to achieve this.

Sensors in everyday objects greatly expand the ability to spot emerging threats. IoT integration means these sensors can communicate with each other, building a complete picture through data.

For example, a high water level in one stream might not mean a river is about to flood, but high water levels in a host of streams connected to a river may forecast an emerging threat. IoT benefits government because it brings all these sensors together to give you more accurate data, allowing you to spot threats before they evolve.

Coordinate Emergency Responses

One of the most important parts of dealing with an emergency is response time. In a hostage situation, hurricane, car accident, or whatever it may be, the quicker you can get help to the people who need it the better.

One of the benefits of IoT in government is response times.

Intelligent sensors in everyday objects such as security cameras, traffic lights, and even smartwatches, can help alert authorities to emergency situations and allow them to respond more quickly.

Take CCTV cameras. Unless someone’s constantly monitoring them, they’re a deterrent or something to collect evidence with after a crime is committed.

When you add smart sensors to them as part of the internet of things, you no longer need a human to monitor them 24/7. The sensors can learn to spot patterns that lead to crime (suspicious behavior, unattended packages, etc.), and give emergency responders a preemptive warning signal.

Manage Resources More Efficiently

It’s extremely difficult for large government agencies to get the most out of their resources, but IoT integration is helping agencies with this.

By bringing data together in one place, IoT allows us to better understand how different systems interact and where they can be improved.

Take public transport – not only does it cost huge sums to create the infrastructure, but it can be even more expensive to maintain. If those resources are going into the wrong areas, then it’s going to limit agencies’ ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Something as simple as sensors in a seat can allow government to get a better idea of how people use buses or trains, or sensors in train tracks can monitor train noises to spot impending mechanical breakdowns. This data is knowledge, and when it comes together in the right way, it can allow government agencies and organizations to use their resources more efficiently.

Inform Future Decisions

Agencies make decisions that are in their citizens’ best interests. Naturally, this is no easy feat, and many government projects have been consigned to history as ones that promised to help a great number of people, but ended up benefiting no one.

At government level, even decisions that seem simple tend to have endless connotations, and decision making is far from simple. One way we can make more informed decisions is by leveraging technology to get more real-world information.

The problem is, lots of different data sets in different formats that don’t link up to each other make it almost impossible to glean useful insights. This is why IoT in government promises so much. It brings all the government’s resources together, maximizing the usefulness of data, and allowing for better planning.

That could mean a better understanding of what renewable energy projects to invest in, how to bring elderly people into the internet world, or virtually any other issues. The benefits of IoT in government are almost endless, and this is why there’s such a buzz about this subject.

Making IoT a Reality in Government

For all the great promises of IoT, some government agencies have found it a challenge to implement. This is still a relatively new technology, and in some cases, it can be hard to introduce on such a large scale.

However, Software AG Government Solutions specializes in working with government agencies, and its motto is “Prove IT First and Prove IT Fast.” We understand that to benefit from IoT, government has to be able to seamlessly integrate it without having to go through the growing pains of a long setup process.

We’re all about making IoT simple, so you can get started in minutes without coding.

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