New JADC2 Legislation Aims to Rapidly Prototype Cutting-Edge Technology

Software AG Government Solutions’ Super iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) Brings Data at Mission Speed for JADC2

Recently introduced legislation that aims to strengthen JADC2 efforts by giving Department of Defense (DoD) officials the authority and resources to prototype cutting-edge technology for rapid deployment to front-line operators.

Introduced in the House on Nov. 27 by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., The Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Implementation Act aims to bring to bear more flexibility and integration in ways that cut through technological barriers that stifle the ability of military leaders to coordinate weapons systems on the battlefield.

“The JADC2 Implementation Act enables the right people and programs at the Pentagon to deploy needed strategies in a transformative way,” said Congressman Issa, in this press release.

“These capabilities will be a force multiplier for military efforts abroad and achieve smooth and efficient integration of warfighting units on the battlefield.”

The legislation also aims to clarify and assign responsibilities to appropriate offices within the DoD. It would also task the chief digital and artificial intelligence officer with “creating and operating a factory-based approach for software development that allows for iterative, secure and continuous deployment of developmental, prototype and operational tools and capabilities.”

Meeting the requirements of this new legislation can be supported by Software AG Government Solutions’ recently launched Super IPaaS, which is a completely new kind of integration platform that supports the modernization of government IT systems by offering a unified, user-friendly interface catering to all data integration requirements.

In addition, in a recently published GovCIO Deep Dive eBook, Phil Silver, Navy Solutions Executive at Software AG Government Solutions, and Michael Sanchez, Army Solutions Executive at Software AG Government Solutions, provide their perspective on bringing data processing at mission speed for advancing Combined Joint All Domain Command & Control (CJADC2) efforts.

Here are key highlights from their Q&A interview in this Deep Dive eBook:

  • There are CJADC2 technology challenges around data interoperability between the armed forces, other countries and partners.
  • The data also exists in different formats, and effective data management and integration – with rising data sources from sensors, systems and platforms – is paramount.
  • There are also non-technical challenges, which include change management, cost and budget, as well as the need for workforce training.
  • Data integration is a key opportunity for CJADC2 success. Through data integration solutions,, it is possible to connect and harmonize data from different sources, regardless of format or location.
  • This includes data collected from land, sea, air, space, and cyber domains that can be efficiently integrated, ensuring that military leaders have a unified and up-to-date picture of the battlefield.

Advancing JADC2 and CJADC2 with Super iPaaS

As we have seen with current JADC2 and CJADC2 efforts, the journey toward harnessing the full potential of data can be challenging.

Managing data connections is often difficult because of the chaotic data situation – where the DoD is dealing with numerous and separate data sources.

Therefore, defense organizations frequently acquire numerous systems and invest substantial effort into assimilating them alongside diverse internal divisions and collaborating agencies.

Regrettably, much of this data remains trapped in isolation, thwarting the efficiency of JADC2 and CJADC2 endeavors.

This is where Software AG Government Solutions’ Super iPaaS can come into play to address these challenges. Super iPaaS grants users complete command over diverse IT landscapes, spanning from on-site systems to the expansive cloud environment.

It also places paramount importance on API management,  API management platforms, and implements robust security measures to ensure data remains safeguarded.

As the DoD develops new artificial intelligence (AI) use cases, Super iPaaS also meets these future-focused efforts by integrating AI technologies easily and smoothly.

This user-friendly technology not only streamlines the integration process and saves time, but also enhances the efficiency in harnessing the power of AI for rapidly meeting JADC2 and CJADC2 operators’ needs – a key theme of the new legislation.

Conclusion: Software AG Government Solutions Super iPaaS

Ultimately, Super iPaaS stands as a powerful solution at the forefront of modern data integration tools and management for JADC2 and CJADC2. It connects old mainframes and new cloud systems, allowing data to move smoothly through an organization’s infrastructure.

It empowers JADC2 and CJADC2 operators’ to fully utilize their information assets to bring the data at mission speed.

Get started and reach out to Software AG Government Solutions for further information on how Super iPaaS can transform data management initiatives for JADC2 and CJADC2.

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