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Driving Government Innovation: How to Bridge the Gap Between the Cloud & On-Prem

In the last two years, government agencies have learned valuable lessons about the importance of IT innovation. Whether it was quickly standing up a new system to handle a massive surge in unemployment claims or deploying digital workplace tools to enable hybrid work, government agencies have begun to embrace the cloud as a key enabler…

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Benefits of Using API Integration in Government

The benefits of using API integration in government are better security, as well as ease of accessibility to common citizens. API is a technology that integrates databases, applications, and devices, making the interaction between datasets and agencies a seamless, automatic process. If your government agency still relies on legacy applications and doesn’t have integrated systems,…

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Here’s Why API Integrations Are Necessary for Public Safety

Are you agile? I’m not asking if you can perform a back-bend without ending up in hospital. What I want to know is, can your company quickly scale up to a digital environment and add anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 new users a day? Many organizations cannot, and we are seeing them fall by the…

webMethods Cloud Native Applications

webMethods Cloud Native Applications

Manage the full API lifecycle with webMethods. This all-in-one solution combines an API portal, gateway, catalog and consumption management tools to ensure the stability, reliability and quality of your APIs.

Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications

To this day, government and higher education institutions leverage extremely stable mainframe applications in their day-to-day business. The problem with these applications is the poor user experience and the ability to scale as demand warrants, but, on the other hand, rewriting these applications can be costly and risky. With that being said, one of the…