Data Integration

April 26, 2023 Location: Online

Webinar: Unlock Legacy Data and Leverage the Data Cloud on AWS - Offsite Link

Recently, public sector organizations have shifted initiatives towards creating the ideal citizen experience. In order to achieve this mission, agencies need to access and leverage decades of siloed data from a variety of legacy systems. Government focused experts from Software AG, Snowflake, and AWS have come together to provide a solution that was "Built for Gov" providing an effective way to access your data and leverage the Data Cloud.

A Go-Forward Plan for Modernizing Agencies’ Data Ecosystem

Data complexity, persistent silos, and diverse formats and schemas all make creating a holistic data ecosystem more challenging for agencies. To bring all these disparate elements together, agencies must focus on mastering data integration. The ability to securely and seamlessly integrate data is of growing importance in the public sector because data drives so much…

Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications

  Provide bi-directional real time integration between SalesForce (or other low code/no code platforms) and your enterprise applications, including mainframes. Easily connect your new “system of engagement” with your “system of record”.

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August 18, 2021 Location: Online

Incorporate your Mainframe Apps to Low Code/No Code Platforms Webinar - Offsite Link

Low code/no code platforms like Salesforce, Service Now, etc. are all the rage in the IT world. They enable deployment of new applications quickly and easily. But key functionality and data still reside in your legacy applications. See how to just as quickly and easily connect those applications to the new low code/no code platforms, all while maintaining governance over those integrations using low code/no code integration.

Creating a Culture of Data Sharing

Governments collect a vast amount of citizen data to support business processes and programs, including information from court and law enforcement agencies about a constituent’s interactions with the criminal justice system.