Software AG Government Solutions Expands FedRAMP-Approved Solutions Portfolio That Is Built for Government

Reston, VA, May 11, 2023 – Software AG Government Solutions today announced that its market-leading solutions for APIs, DataOps, and Process Mining have all achieved FedRAMP Moderate Authorization, which extends its “Built for Government” approach to solving mission critical challenges.

This builds upon its existing FedRAMP offerings for IT Portfolio Management and Process Modeling, along with the company’s recent Defense Health Agency (DHA) Authority to Operate (ATO) for its IoT and Analytics platform. Software AG Government Solution’s full suite of products has now been fully validated by government.

“Software AG Government Solutions has been a trusted partner to the government for decades,” said Hank Bailey, President and Chairman of the Board of Software AG Government Solutions. “As such, we have consistently iterated our products over the years to keep up with agency demands, unique scalability and security requirements. This now includes making them available in a FedRAMP-certified environment.”

The following solutions were added to FedRAMP Moderate Authorized Software AG Government Cloud:

  • APIs & Integration: Helps agencies to secure, manage and monitor their APIs, as well as expose them to their internal and external developer communities. It is also possible to create API mash ups for re-use and integration patterns, as well as govern the entire lifecycle of all agency APIs. Agencies can also securely and quickly share mission-critical files of all sizes with flexible file transfer web-support, centralized management, in-flight virus scanning, and continuous monitoring.
  • Process Mining & Analysis: Process mining is the deep-analysis, discovery, and monitoring, and this solution allows agencies to fully understand their processes, and find patterns, anomalies and opportunities for improvement.
  • DataOps and Smart Data Integration Pipelines: Provides agencies with a real-time, end-to-end Control Hub to design, monitor, and operate all data pipelines across the enterprise.
  • Business IT Transformation Management: This industry leading solution is the foundation to keep strategy and operations aligned and enables agency-wide modernization and optimization with its comprehensive capability portfolio for Enterprise Architecture (EA), IT Planning and Strategic Portfolio Management.
  • Business Process Design, Analysis and Management: Allows agencies to achieve operational excellence with this industry leading solution. From centralized process design and documentation to secure process asset sharing across teams, this solution enables agency-wide modernization and optimization through process excellence.

A wide-range of government and industry customers are leveraging these FedRAMP designated offerings, including the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of State, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“Starting with our initial Navy ERP program ATO, and progressing to the recent DHA ATO, we have consistently demonstrated that agencies can rely on our technologies,” said Jeremy Rissi, Chief Strategy Officer at Software AG Government Solutions. “In addition, we offer a straightforward path to getting our innovations certified for our customers’ operational and mission critical environments.”


About Software AG Government Solutions

Software AG Government Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Software AG USA, Inc. We are dedicated to serving the Public Sector, Higher Education, and Aerospace & Defense communities in the United States. Our world-class software products (webMethods, Alfabet, ARIS, Cumulocity, Adabas & Natural) are focused on reducing the complexity of IT ecosystems that have evolved over many years. We help our customers understand what IT they have, how to optimize their architecture, and execute on a fully integrated modern enterprise. We leverage a highly effective “Prove IT First and Prove IT Fast” approach to solving complex IT challenges. Widely embraced by our customers, this approach has been proven to minimize risks associated with IT investments. To learn more, please visit:

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