Accelerate the Pace of Innovation with Software AG’s Government Cloud and Snowflake

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Accelerate the Pace of Innovation with Software AG’s Government Cloud and Snowflake

Government agencies often need to integrate their data assets with Snowflake for various data and analytics initiatives. However, traditional data pipelines can be unreliable and break when unexpected changes occur, which can cause delays in critical reporting and analytics initiatives while teams work to fix them.

Software AG provides a FedRAMP authorized solution that ensures secure and reliable data integration capabilities for government agencies. Our intelligent pipelines are designed to be resilient and adaptable to change, enabling continuous and secure data ingestion into Snowflake from both on-premise and cloud environments. Government agencies can efficiently leverage their data assets for various purposes, such as reporting, operational analytics, data science, and data sharing initiatives, to better serve their constituents

Software AG and Snowflake are Partnered to Accelerate Reliable Data Integration to the Snowflake Data Cloud

As a Premier Technology Partner with Snowflake, Software AG via StreamSets has completed a third-party technical validation to confirm that our integrations with Snowflake are optimized with an emphasis on functional and performance best practices. This ensures that government agencies can trust in the reliability and efficiency of the data integration capabilities provided.

Furthermore, you can now simplify ETL(extract, transform, load) on Snowflake with the first enterprise data transformation engine built on Snowpark. Never struggle again to get value out of our data cloud. StreamSets transformer is aimed at delivering advanced data transformation natively which enables the expressiveness and flexibility of Snowpark’s multi-language support, as well as the simplicity of data cloud operations. This empowers government agencies to efficiently process and manage their data in Snowflake, while also ensuring data security and compliance with industry standards

Accelerate Snowflake Use Cases

Migrate to Data Cloud

With our Data Collector solution, government agencies can easily and securely bridge the gap between new and legacy environments. With a data “mission control” across all environments, it becomes effortless to move between the Data Cloud and on-premises data sources, streamlining data integration efforts. Intelligent pipelines are designed to excel in hybrid data integration environments, offering the unique capability to automatically adapt to and continue operating even when data formats and schemas change (Data Drift).

Operational/Advanced Analytics & Reporting with Snowflake

Software AG helps government agencies do more with Data Cloud: financial regulatory reporting and ESG(environmental, social
and Governance) reporting, enhance citizen experiences, and achieve better outcomes for their mission.
Reference Architecture

Integrating data from various sources into Snowflake Data Cloud can deliver significant ROI, fuel machine learning initiatives, enable operational and advanced analytics, and drive overall long-term mission success for government agencies. With StreamSets Transformer for Snowflake, data analysts and scientists can easily design complex data transformation jobs that incorporate custom functions. This is made possible because Transformer for Snowflake is built on Snowpark, which enables all the data processing to be done natively and securely in Snowflake, eliminating the need for an external, complex Spark environment.

Change Data Capture (CDC) to Snowflake

It’s important to keep data fresh and updated through ongoing change data capture operations. With StreamSets, this is as easy as leveraging one of our prebuilt CDC origins. You can ensure that data from your core systems is continuously replicated into your Data Cloud platform. StreamSets provides out-of- the-box CDC enabled sources to easily develop and automate Change Data Capture (CDC) operations.

StreamSets Reference Architecture for Snowflake:


StreamSets data integration platform has 3 core capabilities: Control Hub monitors and manages StreamSets data pipelines end to end. Data Collector provides secure connectivity to enterprise data sources (on-premise or in the cloud) and data ingestion into Snowflake. Transformer for Snowflake transforms, joins, and cleanses data in Snowflake from raw staging tables to a final conformed state so it can be used for reporting, analytics and data science initiatives.

Capabilities & Benefits

Build All Your Enterprise Data Pipelines in One Place
Get started quickly with an intuitive, easy to learn interface. StreamSets has out-of-the box connectivity for all your databases, messaging queues, legacy data stores and operational systems (including mainframes). Create batch, CDC and streaming pipelines with all data types (structured, semistructured and unstructured). StreamSets engines are secure and designed for hybrid environments. Build all your pipelines in one place. Just hit run.

Intelligent, Resilient and Reusable Data Ingestion Pipelines
Drag and drop over 50 pre-built processors into your pipelines to intelligently format, shape and enrich your data on its way into Snowflake. StreamSets will automatically identify and adapt to Data Drift (reducing pipeline breakages by 80%). Create templates and pipeline fragments easily deploy common logic and pipelines 100’s of times over with just a few lines of code. Your can trust that your enterprise data is analytics ready as it is ingested into Snowflake.

Design & Execute Complex Data Transformations Natively in Snowflake
Build data transformation jobs of any complexity. Incorporate your custom Python, Java or Scala libraries and have it all executed natively in Snowflake through Snowpark. Save time and money – no need to extract your data for additional processing in complex Spark environments.


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