Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Management

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Manufacturers are experiencing increased pressure to improve operational efficiencies, exceed SLAs, all while still delivering a state-of-the-art product to customers. Asset Tracking, Monitoring and Management can enable your organization to face these pressures head on. The right technology can help you take control of all your valuable assets, minimize losses, reduce audit risk, improve OEE and get ahead with predictive maintenance and analytics.

Our solution is powered by the industry-leading self-service Cumulocity IoT platform and can be paired with any type of device technology such as RFI, BLE, UWB devices and/or other trackers and anchors. This powerful solution connects networked devices and sensors, allowing users to rapidly drive results by combining existing system data with data from physical assets. Quickly scale your projects with built-in device management, analytics, and dashboards. Leverage the flexible deployment options of the platform to include on-premises, cloud and at the edge. This platform allows organizations to implement many other IoT-based use cases such as health and safety measures, remote monitoring of critical equipment, machine monitoring, smart facilities or bases and many others.

Defense Health Agency Issues Authority to Operate (ATO) to Cumulocity IoT

The ATO is based on compliance with strict security requirements and risk assessments outlined in the Risk Management Framework (RMF). It validates how the Cumulocity IoT platform can meet current and emerging needs for IoT data management from any sensor or device across the US Federal government and aerospace and defense industry. Originally used for Department of Defense (DoD) contact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cumulocity IoT platform is device and use-case agnostic, connecting to the widest number of devices and gateways

Asset Tracking Use Cases

Location Tracking
Track tools, raw materials, assembly parts and fixed products
Inventory Management
Count, replenishment, FIFO, FEFO
Vendor Consigned Inventory
Count, reorders, box motion
Asset Monitoring
Monitor temperature, relative humidity, vibrations, speed

People Tracking Use Cases

Proximity Tracking
Track people to people, people to things, things to things
Hazard Avoidance
Man-down, accident avoidance, distress alarm
People Counting
Count, zone or choke-point avoidance
Queuing & dwell-time monitoring
Discover of personnel operational efficiencies


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