Coordinating Management Disciplines

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Mark Steinbacher, Senior Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions

About this talk

In most organizations you will often find a plethora of Management Disciplines – Data Management, Enterprise Architecture Management, Business Process Management, etc. – all working diligently to oversee different aspects of the enterprise. But is the organization really getting the most out of them? Sometimes not, and this webinar will present what is often the key stumbling block for achieving a high performing organization, that is, inter-discipline communication, and proffer an approach for bringing all the disciplines together to enable efficient and effective information sharing.

Some of the highlights that are discussed include:
• How the “law of unintended consequences” can sometimes introduce inefficiencies resulting from seemingly reasonable decisions or even render them ineffective
• How establishing a holistic “Single Pane of Glass” view of the enterprise provides benefits both in operational efficiencies and improved effectiveness of change initiatives
• How a single System of Reference simplifies fulfilling the myriad number of reporting requirements placed upon government organizations through a variety of mandates
• How the collaboration model can easily incorporate all management disciplines, thereby allowing an organization to grow and scale over time.


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