Government Integration Hub for COVID-19 response Available Now!

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Executives and thought leaders across the federal, state and local government landscape have acknowledged a critical need for near real-time access to accurate data in support of COVID-19 emergency responses. Response efforts have been hindered because data isn’t connected across various enterprises, resulting in slow and inaccurate responses. A real-time Government Integration Hub aggregate the necessary data from all its disparate locations and facilitate the expeditious analysis of potential solutions.

Such a Government Integration Hub must have:
• Massive Scale—ability to aggregate all data from across the federal, state and local sources
• Real-Time—response time to inquiries within seconds
• Full Auditability/Traceability—validate data all the way back to its trusted source
• High Security—ensure the data is available only to trusted requesters
• Comprehensive Connectivity—to ALL data sources whether on-prem or cloud-based, mainframes, legacy applications or cloud services and data lake platforms like Azure®
• Data Independence—ability to accept, process and generate any kind of data in any format
• Robustness—a technology platform that is proven in banking, high-tech supply chain, Fortune 500 financial systems and the DoD

Today, the webMethods platform from Software AG meets these criteria and is processing billions of mission-critical transactions for some of the largest government organizations and corporations in the world. For example, the Government Integration Hub operates today at the IRS and is at the core of their current modernization effort. Using webMethods, Software AG has created a Government Integration Hub platform that is up and running in the Microsoft Azure Government® cloud and is ready to be used by the people who need answers. Contact us to discuss how to leverage the Government Integration Hub in your environment today!

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