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Today’s users, whether employees, customers or constituents, expect multichannel experiences and increasingly look to digital channels first when interacting with organizations. As a result, many transformation and modernization initiatives focus on improving user experiences, streamlining processes, and connecting digital channels to legacy backend systems. These initiatives attempt to improve the speed of government agencies.

They often include cloud migrations and application rationalization initiatives that aim to help government agencies run more efficiently, increase their agility, and deliver better services in a faster time frame. A major roadblock this, however, is integration. Over the years, a number of integration approaches have been used, but are found to be complex and require sometimes scarce IT resources to bring them to fruition. Low-code platforms help ease these burdens.

Download your copy of How Low-Code Integration Helps Agencies Transform and Modernize today to learn about low-code approaches that can help organizations overcome the transformation challenges and complexity of integration.


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