Market Trends Report: How to Unlock the Value of Legacy Data for Better Decision-Making

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Data is the lifeblood of government operations, from law enforcement and tax administration to health care and social services. Data is at the core of traditional services, as well as the new generation of digital initiatives. Across all levels of government, agencies are looking to improve governance by analyzing and sharing data.Meanwhile, initiatives such as the White House’s Fifth Open Government National Action Plan are pushing agencies to make their data more transparent and available to the public. The challenge is that many agencies can’t make use of all their data, because a lot of it is siloed in legacy systems and formats. Modern data solutions are designed to work with state-of-the-art applications and devices in cloud environments, not with mainframes and other legacy systems. Accessing the data isn’t the problem; the challenge is integrating it so that it can be easily put into the right hands in usable formats. Agencies need a holistic view of their data, regardless of its original source, in a single location, in a usable format and accessible via the cloud. For this market trends report, GovLoop partnered with Software AG Government Solutions, an enterprise software company that specializes in digital integration. We’ll look at how agencies can overcome the challenges of making use of legacy data by moving it to the cloud, explain best practices for integrating the data and offer examples of how it can help agencies perform their missions.

Read the full report to learn more about how Software AG Government Solutions can help you understand how Systems Are Holding Agencies Back, how to turn Fragmented Data Into a Holistic View, and some Best Practices in Data Integration! You can also read our case study: State Integrates Data to Help Battle Opioid Crisis in this market trends report.


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