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Alfabet 10.9 Data Sheet


Ensuring business and IT transformation success
Alfabet for IT transformation helps IT decision-makers make better IT investment decisions and reduce transformational risks by understanding when, where, how and why to make changes in the IT portfolio. It links the interdependent perspectives of IT, business, finance and risk for “whole view” analysis of how IT can support business change. Enterprise architecture capabilities build the necessary foundation with an accurate, real time picture of the IT landscape—including all applications and technologies, the interrelationships between them, the information they exchange as well as the business capabilities and processes they support. Alfabet’s portfolio management capabilities support independent portfolio decision making for optimization of individual portfolios as well as portfolio-level strategy modeling to incorporate all portfolios into strategy formulation. Its collaborative planning platform enables all stakeholders to interface, communicate and consider multiple perspectives when making transformation decisions as well as prioritize project proposals based on alignment with business strategy. Alfabet is available as an on premise or SaaS solution.

• Well-founded and sustainable decisions on IT transformation based on accurate, current and complete information on the IT landscape
• IT structures aligned with business objectives and processes to ensure that IT transformation goes hand-in-hand with business transformation
• Streamlined IT portfolios that increase IT’s agility in implementing business initiatives faster thus improving time to market for new business products
• Lowered project application and data risk to safeguard IT project investment. ensure business continuity, and increase compliance with regulatory requirements
• Improved IT governance across federated environments through definition and enforcement of standard EA. IT planning and portfolio management processes.
• Greater enterprise agility enabled by reduced IT complexity, bimodal strategy adoption as well as support for agile development and governance practice

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