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What does Strategic Portfolio Management look like in the Fed Gov?

Many government agencies struggle with accessing data in legacy applications, siloed systems only used by one department in an agency, or disparate systems created to meet one specific need within an agency.

To address the inefficiencies that arise from disparate and disconnected data lakes, Congress passed The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) in 2018. At its core, IDEA challenges federal governmental agencies to create data-centric organizations that allow their local, state, and federal agency customers to make data-informed decisions using all available data sources independent of where, how, and in what format they’re stored.

By leveraging tools like the Data Cloud from Snowflake, Software AG can help government agencies free their data from legacy applications, silos, disparate systems, or even business partners. Having done so, agencies can meaningfully connect their data sets, speed delivery to customers, and realize significant return on the investments they’ve made in gathering, analyzing, and storing data.

Software AG’s Government Solutions group’s mission is to use advanced API technology and IT integration solutions to digitally transform government-produced digital products. Software AG’s business partners— Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake — have the experience, technology, and proven expertise to provide robust solutions that allow agencies to communicate seamlessly by upgrading existing IT systems to government-approved digital products.

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