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API connected world with webMethods

Welcome to the API connected world!

APIs have become the standard way of connecting applications, data and devices in our increasingly connected economy. Whether you are exposing data and services in web apps, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors or other touchpoints, APIs are the foundation for your new business models. With Software AG’s end-to-end API management platform, you can now safely and securely expose your APIs to your developer communities as well as manage the entire life cycle of your APIs.

API management, powered by webMethods, allows you to manage the entire process of planning, designing, developing and securely exposing your APIs to external developers, partners and other consumers. You can:
• Design and compose APIs
• Manage the complete API life cycle
• Protect and secure your APIs
• Catalog your APIs for discovery, reuse and life cycle management
• Engage with developers and partners
• Monitor the health of your APIs
• Control API access to microservices in a distributed environment

Key benefits

• Secure your APIs from malicious external attacks
• Understand API usage with analytics and reporting
• Reduce or eliminate the need for unnecessary holes in your firewall
• Protect consumers from underlying changes through API virtualization
• Implement a single solution for both internal and external APIs
• Scale API deployments rapidly with in-memory caching
• Leverage proven webMethods technology recognized by leading analysts
• Secure microservices through a highly efficient and fast-to-deploy micro gateway with a very small footprint

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webMethods API Management

webMethods API Management

Manage the full API lifecycle with webMethods. This all-in-one solution combines an API portal, gateway, catalog and consumption management tools to ensure the stability, reliability and quality of your APIs.

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