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January 27, 2021

The Key to a Successful DoD Data Strategy: Secure APIs & Hybrid Integration - Offsite Link

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) announced its new data strategy in October 2020. In it, the DoD shared its plan to transform into a data-centric organization by using data to help the department fulfill a number of missions. With a focus on API-led hybrid integration, we will address some of the challenges facing the DoD data strategy – accessibility, discoverability, security, and scalability – and discuss the capabilities required for a successful implementation of the DoD Data Strategy.

Join us to learn how to:
• Unlock data from any data source
• Rapidly expose data and services with APIs
• Support a collaborative API lifecycle
• Secure your APIs and implement zero-trust architectures
• Share up-to-date information quickly and reliably with APIs

Why Federal Agencies Need to Understand and Organize their IT Portfolios

WashingtonExec writer, Amanda Ziadeh, spoke with Ian Thompson, Federal Civilian Vice President of Software AG Government Solutions, and discussed the current objectives driving federal agencies to manage and understand their application portfolios. During the interview, they considered some of the challenges that agencies face in their application rationalization initiative, how successful federal agencies have started…

The Top Three Reasons to Consider a Government Integration Hub

In August of 2020, WashingtonExec senior reporter, Amanda Ziadeh, sat down with Tod Weber, CEO of Software AG Government Solutions, to discuss their real-time Government Integration Hub and how it is being used across federal, state, and local government to support emergency responses. We’ve rounded up the top three reasons why your agency or organization…

Creating a Culture of Data Sharing

Governments collect a vast amount of citizen data to support business processes and programs, including information from court and law enforcement agencies about a constituent’s interactions with the criminal justice system.

SAGGS CEO Tod Weber Named “Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020” - Offsite Link

For WashingtonExec’s Top 30 Public Sector Leaders to Watch in 2020 list, they identified the best of the best providing the tools, strategies and systems to do so. These leaders bring the experience, knowledge and expertise needed in all areas of government, including energy and the environment, financial services, health, homeland security, law enforcement and…

Still Got Legacy? Make IT Work For You

If you still have an application supporting your organization 20 years or more after it was built, it’s not legacy, it’s mission critical. These systems are used every day, but the general public likely doesn’t know it. They are part of our tax systems, social services, and public safety. They run the stock market, our…

Justice Technology

Government: Keeping Communities Safe

Integration technology that can make data flow between government department silos lends a helping hand in keeping your community safe. If a violent criminal is released from prison too early by mistake, he or she could be living in your neighborhood. You, your home, your family could be at risk. But, too often, the police…

Leveraging Data – For Safety’s Sake

The ability to share information across the criminal justice system can be a matter of life and death. If information is late, or incorrect, it could lead to the improper release of a dangerous prisoner. Or someone innocent could go to jail. But sharing data across a tangle of courts, police departments and other government…

Healthcare workers and technology

Using Data To Solve Health Crises

In an emergency situation such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it is imperative that government has the right data. Real-time infection rate numbers can help a state or county take micro-targeted actions to lock some people down until the cases subside. Monitors in hospitals can stream data to help government determine where there are available beds,…