Experience with Child Support Systems

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Did you know that 14 states utilize Software AG for their Child Support Enforcement Systems?

Why Modernize with Software AG Government Solutions?

No matter your approach to Modernization – leveraging the webMethods integration platform is the right call.
Software AG’s deep experience with all forms of legacy applications (especially Mainframe applications) provides
the base for all Modernization efforts, no matter the form they take. Automated screen testing strikes the proper
balance between ensuring functions operate as required and the correct output is displayed to the user.

Incremental Modernization – The quickest and least risky path to improving citizens’ digital experience and
reaping operational improvements. With webMethods you can leverage the data on the legacy applications and
present it in a modernized form (e.g. SaaS, Mobile). All can be done in real-time with bi-directional replication to
keep a source of truth intact. Prioritize the functions that will bring the biggest value and bring them to market
faster with incremental modernization.

Re-hosting (“get off the mainframe”) – If your goal of modernization is really centered around “Getting off the
Mainframe” to save operational expenses, then re-hosting may be the way to go. webMethods provides the
tools to migrate from legacy platforms to open systems platforms that can be hosted in your own data center or
in the cloud.

Program Re-write – Most states are now realizing that attempting to re-write legacy applications from soupto-nuts and publish after incorporating all the business logic written in to the new platform is highly risky, takes
many years to complete and is very expensive. However, due to outside factors, states still may choose this
path. webMethods will not only help with the migration of the data from the legacy platform but also incorporate
the data from all the external systems that your new program will need to access

For more information  visit https://info.softwareag.com/NCSEA_2021.html


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