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Free IT HealthChecks

Optimize your investment in Adabas&Natural

Software AG wants to assure you get the most from our technology. So we’re offering free IT Health Checks to organizations that use Adabas & Natural.

You take your car in for a 30,000-mile check-up. Why not do the same for your IT systems?

It’s easy– and free – with an IT Health Check from Software AG. During your complimentary IT Health
Check, an optimization team will spend one to two days at your site. Your Software AG regional sales
manager, a principal system engineer ,a business analyst as well as our chief architects for Adabas and Natural will:
• Review existing systems and IT tools
• Evaluate the state of existing databases and technical infrastructure
• Explore key issues and desired enhancements
• Interview your IT community, business users and key stakeholders
• Look for ways to improve developer productivity, increase efficiency and reduce your operating costs

Together, we’ll take a deep dive into your mainframe utilization, response time, availability, software products and current customer satisfaction by addressing:
• Database management
• Performance and tuning
• Database and application security
• Development environment
• Data warehouse operations
• Personnel support
• Time to implement new businessfunctions
• Time spent on application maintenance
• Integration points
• Modernization needs:

After our on-site visit, you’ll receive a comprehensive diagnostic report that features a one-year action plan. This plan will outline how to optimize your investments in Adabas and Natural. This service is provided to you at absolutelyno cost because we value your business.


An IT Health Check requires acommitment by yourteam and asponsor, who can arrange for meetings with key people within your organization. Before a Software AG optimization team arrives at your site, we’ll begin researchingyour environment.

Then, during your IT Health Check, we’ll meet with:
• Executives to learn about your organizational challenges
• Finance to understand how IT initiatives are measured
• Business users to learn about key processes
• Technical users to explore underlying applications and systems

After extensive interviews at your site during one to two days, our team will create a customized diagnostics report for your organization. This report will consolidate:
• Software AG’s understanding of your environment
• Your major business activities
• Your challenges and opportunities
• Critical success factors
• Existing systems and software products
• Systems relevant to key initiatives
• Software AG products purchased by your organization
• Third-party products your organization owns

A functional review of each application will provide:
• An overview of theapplication
• Application needs
• Applications usability, including missing functionality and accessibility
• Data accessibility, such as end-user access and synchronization with other systems
• Database management overviewand needs
• Technical infrastructure overview and needs
• Personnel overview and supportneeds


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