Enterprise Architecture

Integrating Legacy Systems with SaaS Applications

  Provide bi-directional real time integration between SalesForce (or other low code/no code platforms) and your enterprise applications, including mainframes. Easily connect your new “system of engagement” with your “system of record”.

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Three Ways an Enterprise Architecture Solution can Boost Your FITARA Score

Since the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was signed into law in 2014, the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was signed into law. And since then, federal organizations have taken many steps for improvement. These steps include: Consolidating data centers Improving risk management Managing the IT portfolio a lot better These…

Enterprise Architecture and Why It’s Important

Enterprise architecture (EA) includes the discipline involving holistically and proactively leading responses of enterprises to disruptive forces. This discipline is done by analyzing and identifying the execution of change toward the business vision and outcomes desired. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), this is a discipline, describing an enterprise’s total set…

How to Improve Financial Management Through Collaborative Enterprise Management

Many government agencies utilize a variety of management disciplines including financial management, business process management, and enterprise architecture (EA) management. The issue is that many of these management disciplines operate solely because a robust collaborative mechanism to streamline data sharing doesn’t exist. However, this major challenge can be addressed by implementing the collaborative enterprise management…

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The Data Strategy: Enterprise Architecture Partnership

It’s wonderful to see that governments and organizations are recognizing data as an asset. And it’s important to see why a data strategy and enterprise architecture partnership are so effective. Today, many organizations are going digital, and the government in particular is moving toward a digital transformation. This has resulted in a conclusion that improvements…

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Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Financial Management Webinar - Offsite Link

In this webinar originally hosted by Digital Government Institute (DGI) and sponsored by Software AG Government Solutions, we look into one of the most critical collaborations for informed decision-making: the partnership between Financial Management and Enterprise Architecture (EA) Management, facilitated by the integration between Apptio, a leading Financial Management platform, and Alfabet, the leading EA platform.

Aligning Enterprise Architecture with Financial Management Webinar

Presented by Mark Steinbacher, Senior Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions Karan Khurana, Senior Product Manager, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk In most organizations, you will often find many Management Disciplines all working diligently to oversee different aspects of the enterprise. But they often operate in a vacuum, as they are hobbled by…

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How Enterprise Architecture Management Is Improving Government IT

Like their free-market counterparts, the U.S. government is starting to think more about its processes and the tools that can help them streamline the processes and get more work done. But there are many challenges before government agencies and organizations that may have years of outdated thinking permeating just about every aspect of what they…