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Blog: Strategic Portfolio Management Drives Mission-Ready IT for Government

Strategic portfolio management (SPM) is the ongoing process that focuses and aligns government IT resources with overall mission goals. It is essentially a culmination of several disciplines. These disciplines include strategy management, program portfolio management, data integration, integrated IT portfolio analysis, Lean portfolio management, and agile financial management. Combined all together, SPM offers a comprehensive…

DGI Webinar: Embracing Strategic Portfolio Management

Presented by Jeff Chancellor Principal Systems Engineer, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk Gartner defines the Strategic Portfolio Management market as a set of business capabilities, processes and supporting portfolio management technology. This emergence of the SPM market has increased the importance of IT Portfolio Management. This presentation will help you understand the changes…

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The Business Value of Full Lifecycle API Management

Presented by Mark Steinbacher, Senior Solutions Architect, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk Digital Transformation is not just for Commercial entities. More and more citizens expect and demand digital interactions with government departments and agencies be just as robust and ubiquitous as they are within retail and other commercial industries. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)…

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Benefits of IT Portfolio Management in Government

IT is so deeply rooted in day-to-day life that it’s no surprise how challenging it can be for large government agencies to manage their IT portfolios. We have IT applications and systems for everything, and too often, they’re working on their own without linking up with other systems in a beneficial way. The right IT…

The Keys to Successful Modernization? Data and Insight

Technology lies at the heart of digital transformation in government, but far too often agencies focus on tools and solutions — the bits and pieces of hardware and software they must integrate into their ecosystem to enhance constituent service delivery. But true modernization requires so much more than point solutions or legacy, bespoke technologies that…

Smart IT with Alfabet IT Portfolio Management

In this video about IT portfolio management from Alfabet, learn how to invest smartly in IT, optimize IT assets, and allocate IT resources effectively. Align your IT portfolio to business and protect investments by exposing dependencies between software portfolios—current and future. To learn more about Alfabet from Software AG, please visit here.

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Four Reasons You Need to Implement a Robust Application Rationalization Program

Government agencies need more visibility into their application environment to understand and reduce their business risks and improve enterprise performance. However, it’s often difficult for agencies to execute an effective application rationalization program for a variety of reasons, whether it’s because of manual application inventory management processes, competing business priorities or resistance to change within…

Alfabet IT Portfolio Management

FedRAMP-authorized Alfabet makes it easier to transition to mandated IT management frameworks. See why we’re nine years a leader in Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis.