IT Transformation

Q&A: Industry Partnerships Advance Business and Mission Goals

Effective partnerships between systems integrators and technology providers are paramount for both mutual business growth and meeting government mission needs. However, the power of industry partnerships goes well-beyond the prime and subs relationship for rounding out capabilities to quickly and effectively address mission gaps for the government – particularly in areas where speed and innovation…

November 02, 2023

Webinar: Built for Government: Incorporating an increased scope for Modernization Plans - Offsite Link

Our experts will guide you through the process of examining and assessing emerging technologies, enabling you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing IT landscape.

Key learning objectives:

  • Reviewing difference between Business Strategy and IT Strategy
  • Sharing the three approaches to documenting API Management: Data Driven, Protocol Driven, and Security Driven.
  • Mastering IoT Integration within Enterprise Architecture Planning
  • Qualify and Quantify Benefits of Emerging Technologies
  • Anticipate Future Skill Requirements for Upcoming Technologies
  • Documenting a Comprehensive Modernization Program
October 13, 2023 Location: Arlington, VA

AFCEA NOVA Naval IT Day 2023 - Offsite Link

Visit Software AG Government Solutions at AFCEA NOVA Naval IT Day 2023: Navigating the Digital Seas: Charting the Course for Naval Innovation. Naval IT Day will encompass the focus on IT within the naval domain while highlighting the need for innovation and adaptation in the digital era. Hear from Naval Services leadership as they discuss their strategies, plans on approaching challenges, and where industry can support digital and innovation activities.

Blog: Strategic Portfolio Management Drives Mission-Ready IT for Government

Strategic portfolio management (SPM) is the ongoing process that focuses and aligns government IT resources with overall mission goals. It is essentially a culmination of several disciplines. These disciplines include strategy management, program portfolio management, data integration, integrated IT portfolio analysis, Lean portfolio management, and agile financial management. Combined all together, SPM offers a comprehensive…

Process Mining

Process Mining Enhances Operational Performance for Government

With customer expectations at an all-time-high in the commercial sector, citizens and constituents also expect responsive, digital-first services when interacting with digital government. According to a recent McKinsey study, Customer Experience (CX)  in government has improved since the Biden administration launched its 2021 CX Executive Order (EO). Specifically, the CX aims to direct “a whole-of-government…

How Process Mining Advances CX for Government

Now more than ever, government agencies need to explore new and innovative ways for enhancing all processes to better deliver services to citizens and constituents. In addition, Customer Experience (CX) is coming more into the forefront with President Biden’s 2021 CX Executive Order, which has resulted in agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)…

Enterprise Architecture Management
August 24 - August 24, 2023 Location: Online

Digital Government Institute Webinar: Built for Government: Incorporating an Increased Scope for Modernization Plans - Offsite Link

Planning for modernizing your existing solutions and capabilities goes far beyond the obvious cloud migrations. But how should evolving technologies and yet to be imaged technologies be considered when planning. This session presents techniques on how to examine and assess emerging technologies and determine their impacts on the existing IT landscape. Join Jeff Chancellor on Thursday, August 24th for this webinar with Digital Government Institute.

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation with Software AG’s Government Cloud and Snowflake

Accelerate the Pace of Innovation with Software AG’s Government Cloud and Snowflake Government agencies often need to integrate their data assets with Snowflake for various data and analytics initiatives. However, traditional data pipelines can be unreliable and break when unexpected changes occur, which can cause delays in critical reporting and analytics initiatives while teams work…

Woman holding an iPhone projecting all applications into the air

Forrester Consulting study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Software AG’s ARIS

Any investment comes with a bit of risk. But you can minimize that risk by listening to the experts. When it comes to investing millions in your business transformation initiative, you need to make sure to invest in the best solution. Trust the experts from the Forrester Consulting team. They recently published the Total Economic Impact™ of…