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NaturalONE Editor Tips and Techniques

This is the first installment of a series that will cover NaturalONE Natural editor Tips and Techniques. This particular video covers search and find techniques available in Eclipse when using the NaturalONE Natural editor. Speaker: Patrick Gould, Chief IT Architect, Software AG Government Solutions. Watch this video on editor Tips and Techniques for NaturalONE, today!

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October 06, 2021 Location: Online

Complex Government IT, Simplified. - Offsite Link

Join us Wednesday October 6th to hear from a distinguished panel of U.S. Government subject matter experts, moderated by Digital Government Institute, as they discuss how agencies are connecting siloed systems, applications, and devices to provide accessible information to deliver better outcomes. Session Panelists Include:

  • Michael Smoyer, President, Digital Government Institute
  • Steven Corey-Bey, PMP, FAC-P/PM III, Chief Enterprise Architect, IT Program Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer, U.S. Dept. of Education
  • Paul Tibbits, MD, Executive Director Office of Technical Integration, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
  • Denise Warzel, BBA, MSc, Scientific Program Analyst, Semantic Infrastructure, Metadata and Models, CBIIT, National Cancer Institute
  • Chris Borneman, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG Government Solutions

Software AG Government Solutions Overview

Who is Software AG? Software AG Government Solutions is a market leader in best-in-class commercial software dedicated to serving the U.S. Public Sector and the A&D supplier community. Software AG products are trusted by the world’s leading companies across banking, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, and technology sectors and the U.S. federal government including IRS, SSA, DHS,…

webMethods API Management Solutions Fact Sheet

API connected world with webMethods Welcome to the API connected world! APIs have become the standard way of connecting applications, data and devices in our increasingly connected economy. Whether you are exposing data and services in web apps, mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors or other touchpoints, APIs are the foundation for your new…

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Incorporate your Mainframe Apps to Low Code/No Code Platforms Webinar

Low code/no code platforms like Salesforce, Service Now, etc. are all the rage in the IT world. They enable deployment of new applications quickly and easily. But key functionality and data still reside in your legacy applications. See how to just as quickly and easily connect those applications to the new low code/no code platforms,…

ARIS Fact Sheet

ARIS Business processes are not what your business does. They are your business. Get the key to business transformation and operational excellence ARIS is the #1 market-leading business process analysis (BPA) and management software solution for organizations seeking to embrace digital transformation. But that change isn’t organic. It’s strategic. ARIS offers true transformation via tightly…

webMethods AppMesh Fact Sheet

webMethods AppMesh Adding application context toyour microservices Get more visibility, agility, and control over complex microservices-based apps by layering in the webMethods AppMesh. With the AppMesh, built on the industry-leading webMethods API Management Platform, you can understand app usage, apply policies without redeploying, and implement granular access at the application level. Configure, don’t code—with the…

Alfabet Application Management Fact Sheet

Do your applications meet business targets? Learn how Alfabet from Software AG helps Managers of Applications gain control of the application landscape and support the business in hitting its targets. The company expects you, as Manager of Applications, to deliver an application landscape that is in line with current business needs and is transparent and…