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Market Trends Report: How to Unlock the Value of Legacy Data for Better Decision-Making

Introduction Data is the lifeblood of government operations, from law enforcement and tax administration to health care and social services. Data is at the core of traditional services, as well as the new generation of digital initiatives. Across all levels of government, agencies are looking to improve governance by analyzing and sharing data.Meanwhile, initiatives such…

webMethods Application Integration

webMethods Application Integration

Connect systems, applications, clouds, data and devices with the simplicity of a single platform: webMethods, #1 in application integration.

Generative AI: The Transformative Shift in iPaaS for Government

Generative AI And Data Integration: The Transformative Shift in iPaaS for Government

Just when the federal government is starting to embrace Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), a seismic shift is fully upon us in the form of Generative AI. As a platform that connects disjointed systems and solutions into one unified solution, iPaaS enables this by bringing together multiple applications and their data by applying business…

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Modernize in Place with API-led Integration: Lower Risk & Accelerate Deployments - Offsite Link

Low-code/no-code platforms are the latest advancement in technology. Your integration platform should embrace that same low-code/no-code approach. You can integrate your existing legacy enterprise using a low-code/no-code integration platform quickly and easily. Watch this replay of Bob’s Digital Government Institute session to learn more about this approach to software development and how to modernize-in-place with API-led integration.

Modernize in Place with API-led Integration: Lower Risk & Accelerate Deployments

Presented by Bob Jeffcott, Principal Systems Engineer, Software AG Government Solutions About this talk Didn’t get to attend Digital Government Institute’s recent “Benefits of Low Code” virtual event? Software AG Government Solutions Principal Systems Engineer, Bob Jeffcott, was one of the speakers at the event that reviewed several of the benefits of low code for…

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Driving Integration: A 2021 Game Plan for Implementing the Integrated Federal Data Strategy

Data has become vital for every facet of government operations — from service delivery to combating fraud, waste and abuse. In recent years, we’ve seen the federal government increase its focus on IT modernization and leveraging data as a core strategic asset with initiatives and mandates around technology business management (TBM), the Federal IT Acquisition…

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State of Play: APIs, Integration and Microservices

A connected enterprise is now essential to win in the market; you must have fast and efficient integration between different systems, applications, departments and individuals. The key players that make it happen? APIs, integration and microservices. Without them, digital transformation is impossible. New independent research conducted by Vanson Bourne revealed that global IT leaders almost all believed…

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3 Things to Consider Before Migrating Mainframe Apps to a Low-Code No Code Platform

The marketplace is now saturated with low-code/no-code platforms, offering organizations the promise of innovation and solving business problems faster without a heavy development lift. According to Gartner, by 2023 50% of medium to large IT organizations will adopt low-code application platforms, and this market is expected to grow by 23% this year alone. Low-code/no-code platforms…

Alfabet Application Management Fact Sheet

Do your applications meet business targets? Learn how Alfabet from Software AG helps Managers of Applications gain control of the application landscape and support the business in hitting its targets. The company expects you, as Manager of Applications, to deliver an application landscape that is in line with current business needs and is transparent and…